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Do I need an Agent?

Working without a professional is like the proverbial story of someone who had a problem with their vehicle, they spent hours and days trying to figure out what was wrong with the car and if and

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Tips on preparing for a successful home buying process

Buying a home is exciting! Searching for the right home and navigating the home buying process can be fun. Over the past 5 years, having worked with home buyers in finding the perfect home and

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Is it time to MOVE? 5 Tellall Signs

Most people dread the thought of moving, yet those same people love it when they move. Why? Most likely it’s emotional attachment and nostalgia for a beloved home. It’s understandable

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Start Your Home Buying Journey

Home is where your story begins! Many of you are probably wondering, how can I start my buying journey? The best advise that I can give any potential new client is, SET GOALS! What can you do this

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